Artists For A Change (AFAC)

AFAC is a collaborative project between Alexandra Neighbourhood House, the Vancouver Foundation, and the ArtsCan Resource Network.

The project will be completed in three or more consecutive phases. Each phase is intended to build on and extend from the previous one.

The purpose of the Artists for a Change project is to encourage social commentary and dialogue through art and art practices.   Works of art on social themes are therefore specifically encouraged as are workshops and other participative arts events.

One initiative of the Artists for a Change project is to make more arts-effective use of the Media Room space at The Lodge building in the Alexandra Neighbourhood House campus.  This space is under examination for its potential as a dedicated Arts Hub for the Crescent Beach area, and for that reason, a variety of small improvements have been undertaken, as well as the development of technical specifications for possibly setting  up a digital arts, sound, and video lab.

Our first ever Showcase of the Arts will be held in conjunction with the 44th annual Alex Festival on May 26, 2018, and will test the use of the space for arts exhibits and workshops.  These two initiatives make up the bulk of phase I of the project.

The Arts Showcase & Exhibition Team is soliciting visual, performance and literary works related to AFAC themes (see below) for exhibit at the AlexFest.  Find out more by clicking here.

Artists For A Change supports and encourages artists in creating artworks on the following themes:

  • Environmental destruction and protection;
  • Disarming social prejudices and taboos;
  • Understanding and learning from the outcomes of our history;
  • Social scourges – ending poverty and homelessness; and
  • Amplifying marginalized and unheard voices.

Many of the themes AFAC aims to bring attention to have overlap and intersections. How well can you reflect them in your visual, literary or performance art?  Please see the Themes page for further details.

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