About Artists For A Change

Artists For A Change (AFAC) is a collaborative project between Alexandra Neighbourhood House, the Vancouver Foundation, and the ArtsCan Resource Network.  The project will be completed in three or more consecutive phases. Each phase is intended to build on and extend from the previous one.

Phase I

Phase I of the project will establish the following:

The establishment and documentation of possible “arts hub” uses of the space at Camp Alexandra currently known as the Media Room, on the top floor of the building known as The Lodge, with short and long term improvements planning for fitting up the space to purpose;

An inaugural Showcase of the Arts based on the social improvement themes shown below, to be deployed in conjunction with the AlexFest celebration on May 26th, 2018;

A technical specification and template implementation plan for resources required to provide the underpinnings of technical and digital artistic supports for performance, visual and literary arts work to occur in the arts hub.

Phase II

Phase II of the project, subject to available funding, will establish:

Ongoing protocols for use of the arts hub space and resources;

Inaugural programs drawing on arts community participation and making use of the arts hub space on a regular and cyclical basis.

Phase III

Phase III of the project, subject to available funding, will establish an annual arts project cycle making use of the AFAC resources established in Phases I and II on the themes discussed below and in the arts disciplines of visual, performance and literary arts.

Artists For A Change (AFAC) supports and encourages artists in creating visual, performance and literary artworks on specific themes.  Please check our Themes page before submitting.

The themes overlap and inter-sect. How well can you reflect them in your visual, literary or performance art?

Our Project Team

For Phase I

Establishment of resources, future planning, and inaugural arts showcase

Sarah Power – ArtsCan Resource Network Events Coordinator

Anita Mirza – AFAC Event Coordinator, Inaugural arts showcase

Leah Albrecht – Website Development

Leah Murray – Technical Specifications

Neil Fernyhough – Funding, Project Management & Project Oversight


For Phases II & III

TBD.  Please contact us to participate!

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