Call for Literary Readings

Prose, Poetry, Essay

Literary topics are expected to highlight or support one or more of the themes of the AFAC project, and the challenge is to convey both the theme and the literature in a fashion that engages the audience at intellectual and emotional levels.

Readers in the Featured Authors segment (from 11:00am until 3:00pm) must be published authors, and the readings will follow the pattern of 10-12 minutes to read, 20-30 minutes to engage in Q&A with the audience, and 15 minutes to autograph books purchased after the reading and Q&A.

Readers in the Emerging Writers segment (from 3:15pm until 5:00pm) do not have to be published authors, but must go to our Themes page and consider your writing in the context of the themes listed there, select items to read from your body of work that speak to one or more of the themes (or write some new stuff if you’re energetic!), and then pare your selection down to work(s) that you can comfortably read in less than 10 minutes.   Time limits are strict, so please ensure that you rehearse ahead of time and KNOW that you can read all of your offering within the ten minute limit.

Submit your literary proposal via our online form below.

For more information or to discuss your idea, send an email to ‘Art Exhibition Team’ at

Please do not include your name and contact information on any visible part of your submission if at all possible, as that will disqualify it from entering general selection processes and place it in the alternative process for consideration by the project team as a special sub-project.

We understand that jurying anonymity may effectively be observed in some types of artistic mediums more easily than in others. For graphic, audio and video files, selection anonymity may not be as easily achieved as is the case, for example, in literary works. Painters often sign their paintings and drawings, and a singer may herself be featured in her music video; videos may contain other distinguishing marks within them. Such submissions as these will be curated in the alternative process for consideration by the project team as a special sub-project.

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