AFAC Themes

Environmental destruction and protection

Art addressing the failure of current systems to sustain our living earth by encouraging and enabling sustainable living, clean energy, and clarifying issues around urban sprawl, loss of habitat and habitat diversity.

Disarming social prejudices and taboos

Art that disarms taboos around claiming our power as citizens. Art on this theme addresses experiences and impacts of systemic prejudices based on class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, culture, ableism, ageism, and proposes alternatives to current dystopian realities.

Understanding and learning from the outcomes of our history

These works displace negative cultural group-think and disrupt negative hypnotic mass media. Indigenous genocide, usurpation of voices & cultural appropriation, racism against people of color, gender, or ethnicity are symptoms of such histories and current events. Suggest remedies and highlight positive viewpoints that are at odds with the mainstream.

Social scourges – ending poverty and homelessness

When existing systems fail, what replaces them? Inequality of power leads to apathy; apathy leads to community fragmentation. Fragmented communities exhibit symptoms such as loss of life, voice and/or possessions; drug overdose deaths; heightened crime rates. Show linkages, offer solutions and possibilities – and thereby, help break the cycles.

Amplifying marginalized and unheard voices

Listen to and support suppressed or ignored voices: those of the indigenous, people of color, LGBTQ, social assistance recipients, people with disabilities, women, refugees, seniors, youth. Give them a wider audience with your work.

The themes overlap and intersect.

The themes overlap and intersect. How can you reflect them in your visual, literary or performance art?

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