Call For Visual Art

Paintings, Drawings, Photos, Sculptures, Digital Art, Multimedia

Visual artists will have or may share 6 ft tables. Exhibiters are required to provide their own display solutions such as easels and stands, and their own table draperies (recommended in white or navy blue).  The venue will supply one 72” x 44” table with two chairs for each booth space. There are no walls or hanging racks available in booths, so artworks must be displayed on the available table surface, or in the case of free-standing sculpture, within the footprint of the usual table space.

Acceptable visual art includes:

  • Paintings, drawings, mixed media, photography, and digital prints up to 2’ x 3’
  • 3D and Sculptural art up to 9kg/20lb and up to 1.5’ x 1.5’ x 6’
  • High resolution digital art or multimedia for display on a large screen
  • Multimedia and video displays that include sound have potential to interfere with other presentations, therefore we will only permit exhibit of these on our own volume-controlled LCD screen in its related viewing area.

Our video display is an LCD screen measuring approximately 40”W x 32”H. Digital art may include videos, self-launching slide shows, or other creative combinations of sound, visual, performance, and literary arts. Slide shows and videos must be saved in High Definition (1920 x 1020, 16:9 aspect) resolution for best viewing. Audio volume for these displays will be controlled by our staff, and will not be at concert hall levels, but kept at comfortable levels for those within 6-10 feet of the display screen. To be included in our video display, these presentations must be delivered to our organizers on memory sticks no later than close of business Wednesday May 23, 2018, as we will need to set up and test the display ahead of the event to ensure appropriate technical delivery of them.

Please submit images of your visual art. For photo, audio or video files, please provide links to their online platforms as requested in your submission form – our web hosting server does not have available storage space for multiple files of these sizes at the current time.

Please do not include your name and contact information on any visible part of your submission if at all possible, as that will disqualify it from entering general selection processes and place it in the alternative process for consideration by the project team as a special sub-project. 

 We understand that jurying anonymity may effectively be observed in some types of artistic mediums more easily than in others. For graphic, audio and video files, selection anonymity may not be as easily achieved as is the case, for example, in literary works. Painters often sign their paintings and drawings, and a singer may herself be featured in her music video; videos may contain other distinguishing marks within them.  Such submissions as these will be curated in the alternative process for consideration by the project team as a special sub-project.

For more information or to discuss your idea, send an email to ‘Art Exhibition Team’ at

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